Flavors of Southeast Asia

Nia Armstrong | July 21, 2022

Let's take a trip around the globe, to a place so rich in culture it's been the subject of fairy tales. The nations of Southeast Asia have so many unique features geographically and culturally. There’s so much to learn and talk about with these countries, and the Indian subcontinent is no exception —- whether it be their ever growing population or their grandiose celebrations, India is in a class of its own.

To the surprise of no one, Indian cuisine is remarkably delicious. Adorned with complex flavors and uniqueness befitting the region. My personal favorite: The samosa is a fried dough snack stuffed with potatoes, onions and other spices. Samosas get even better when topped with sauces and chutneys. There's so many ways to remix samosas, and this versatility makes them all the more appealing.

In India, food and culture go hand in hand and the earliest mentions of the samosa can be traced back to as early as the 10th century. They were an easy snack, one that could be carried easily by early travelers. Over time they became beloved by royals and eventually, the world!