Fostering Cultural Awareness Through Food

Cultured Kids Cuisine, Inc. is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization striving to build a future of love and tolerance through food. We offer a variety of 100% FREE services to children between the ages of 7 and 14, such as food-related educational courses, podcasts, food blogs, recipe and lesson kits, and much more. Most notably, virtual and in-person cooking workshops are held weekly, wherein children prepare foreign meals alongside our team of trained culinary experts and guest chefs, whilst learning about the culture, history, and the origins of the dish through interactive activities and engaging dialogue. Since our founding in July 2020, we have made an impact on over 2,300 children around the world- educating them to be kinder and more culturally appreciative human beings.

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    50+ Countries

  • Empower

  • Offering the resources necessary to spearhead a world of love and cultural competence

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  • Exposing youth to more nutritious and meaning food options

  • Educate

  • Spreading cultural appreciation and world peace by sharing knowledge through food

Cooking Workshops

Our programming is centered around cooking and celebrating knowledge with loved ones, creating beautiful meals to be shared together. In educating the next generation to be culturally competent, our future leaders will act with confidence and passion to spearhead positive change in their communities.

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Upcoming Events

August 13, 2022
Taste the Rainbow:
Natural Food Coloring
Join us for our food science courses! Learn about the science behind what we eat everyday
July 24, 2022
Taste of the Czech Republic:
Join us at our live cooking class where we will cook up a hearty dish, discuss Czech culture, and play games!
A Taste of Japan:
Fluffy Pancakes Workshop
A Taste of Cuba: Baked Sliders
A Taste of Vietnam:
Bánh Mì Workshop


"Wonderful and informative workshop - learned a lot! Thank you to the organizers, hosts, and presenters all."

-Samantha Seiter

"It was great and very informative. My first time making any Mexican food at home. Thanks for everything!"


"This was truly a fun and amazing bonding experience between mother and son. We are totally signing up again and again. Thanks."

-Alejandra Crawley, Cael's mother

Check This Out

In-Person Programming

From hospitals to camps and schools and thanks to our loyal partners, like the Girl Scouts of the USA and YMCA, we have been able to bring our educational workshops to an in-person setting!


The CKC Podcast dives into various topics from seasonal festivities to cultural traditions that aim to show how people interact and bring a new element to learning about others.

eCookbook– COMING SOON!

A compilation of our cooking workshops, including recipes with embedded cultural fun facts to educate families about the vast cultures, customs, and food traditions worldwide.


From Boba totes to Borscht pun aprons. . . check out what the CKC closet has to offer and purchase our merch to help support our mission!

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Cooktivity Book

A collaboration with Dream Dragon Entertainment, Inc. An innovative activity book combining the fun of traditional activities with cooking related topics, including coloring pages, food idioms, crosswords, characters from around the world, and even do-it-yourself recipes children can customize.

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What makes us different?

While cultural education through food has been endorsed by countless stakeholders in education and discussed in a myriad of published research, nothing has been implemented to date, until we launched our programming back in July 2020! Research has shown us that an early introduction to various cultures drastically reduces the risk of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination in adulthood. Every encounter with an eye-opening perspective not only helps students develop exceptional interpersonal skills, but also allows for heightened creativity as well as self-expression. Food and food culture, being an integral part of all cultures worldwide, is thus the perfect educational vessel for cultural learning.